Valuing Your Most Valuable Assets

You also rely on your employees to ensure your systems run smoothly. They are the ones that will spot inefficiencies and areas for improvement. Think of your employees as building and maintaining the base of the skyscraper that is your business. Employees don’t just nurture the organization; they also make it a fun place to work.

Such research can help an employment seeker find a company that knows and truly appreciates the value of its staff. If the company is a revolving door and has poor retention, you may wish to consider other options or changes. Rehiring and retraining don’t just cost the company in revenue and time; every new employee will also have a lower productivity period until they learn the ropes.

These include shifts from profit to purpose; corporate policy to social responsibility; standalone entities to ecosystems; and employees and jobs to people, work and skills. Reviews should be an opportunity for a discussion between the leader and employee on setting goals for the upcoming year after reviewing last year’s goals. Many organizations are changing their once-per-year approach to every six months, or even quarterly, to create more collaboration on teams. Go to any business’ website and you’ll probably find a career page that says, “Employees are our greatest asset.” But the truth is, people are one of the largest expenses in any organization. The rise of human capital as a company’s single-most important asset for value creation has been happening for decades, but the pandemic has helped us see that putting human capital first is just good business. If the organization does not have happy and satisfied employees, they will not deliver performance-oriented results, leading to the reduction of the profits of the organization.

But not everyone understands that employees are the most important asset of an organization. There are plenty of smaller businesses with a different perspective, such as an Illinois-based sports apparel company that specializes in fishing apparel. Not long ago, Marcus met with the co-owners who combined their first names and built a multi-million dollar company with more than 20 employees. While Marcus was hoping to turn the company into a major player in the sports apparel market, he quickly changed his outlook after talking with several employees. They told him they were tired of working in a warehouse without air-conditioning – especially when the two owners left every Friday to go fishing.

Invest in employees

However, the current workforce will be an invaluable and intangible asset. However, their skill sets and knowledge cannot be exactly replaced by the person replacing them, as each individual possesses a different skill set and experience. The business decision-makers know well that the skill of employees accounts for 85% of a company’s assets. Employee efficiency and talent determine the pace and growth of the organization.

  • “My key assets go home at night,” managers may say, or management teams may reward employees for the assets they bring to the table in terms of talent and expertise.
  • The science aspect embodies everything that is quantifiable, such as salaries, benefits, equipment depreciation and other costs.
  • The real fuel and energy behind a company’s growth and success come from its people or the workforce.
  • Organizations need to recognize the value their employees have and praise them accordingly.
  • Speaking to HR Magazine, Liz Sebag-Montefiore, co-founder and director of 10eighty, stressed the importance to every business of its workforce.
  • Human assets can make sure that customers are satisfied and pleased with products.

Improving their performance and productivity should be prioritized. On the other hand, highly engaged employees can do wonders for the company’s productivity and best accounting software for advertising agencies profitability. Companies with highly engaged employees have 17% more productivity and 21% more profitable than similar companies with disengaged employees.

WORKPLACE DIVERSITY–5 ways to make your company more inclusive

According to the Society for Human Resources Management, the average cost per hire in 2016 was $4,129. Here are four tips for treating your employees well, improving their performance and demonstrating that you know that people are your greatest asset. At a specialty cheese shop in New York, Marcus recognized the talent and dedication of a particular long-time employee to the family business. Marcus put the employee in charge of developing a complementary product line, including cheese knives and boards, and wound up making him a partner in the business.

Heather Tahja, a G1 program specialist and one of the ASSET program developers, analyzes various command demographics, which is an integral part of the ASSET program. • Research the industry average pay for various positions and stay competitive with other companies that may be hiring. Ex-CFO, now helping Engineer-to-Order companies learn about Visibility’s ERP system. There are employee intangibles as well—attitude, punctuality and willingness to “go the extra mile”—that can’t be quantified, although they add substantially to an employee’s value. Speaking to HR Magazine, Liz Sebag-Montefiore, co-founder and director of 10eighty, stressed the importance to every business of its workforce. If and when issues arise, do not have a one-size-fits-all approach to performance management.


In my experience, real-time recognition is a much better way to meet people’s needs and the desire of feeling wanted and needed. Just like most things in business, having a process and structure is important. CEOs know the importance of and agree to a budget, yet so many organizations leave it up to department leaders to recognize their own team members. Some leaders may make employee recognition more of a priority than others. It’s not fair for an employee to be on a team with a leader who misses recognition while other teams get constant recognition. See how the values of a service company can help employees engage customers — instead of relying only on a prescribed protocol.

I think one of the problems is the lack of leadership training in business schools. Most graduate and undergraduate students take multiple courses in accounting but they may only attend one or two lectures on leadership. The result is we are sending young managers to the workplace with a belief that numbers are more important than people. Valuing your employees as your most important assets starts with good planning and making careful hiring decisions. Every new employee can affect the success of your organization — for better or worse.

Reasons employees are considered invaluable assets

That’s an incredibly rewarding way to spend your work life — and people who feel that way truly are a company’s greatest assets. That’s why engaged employees are an asset — in the truest sense of the word. All of these companies believe in engagement as a means to an end, and that end is a measurable business outcome. The outcomes differ among companies — for some it’s sales growth, for others it’s lives saved — but those outcomes are always guided by the purpose of the organization. Enter the best email address to get instant access to the free MasterClass + receive exclusive content direct to your inbox every week. Enter the best email to get instant access to the free MasterClass + receive exclusive content direct to your inbox every week.

Employees’ abilities, knowledge, and experience cannot be assigned a monetary value. No two employees are the same, and although one can substitute the other for some operations, they will have different quirks and techniques in working that’ll affect the whole company dynamics. A new white paper has been published to provide employers with ways of valuing their talent as an asset rather than an expense in a post-coronavirus world of work. Providing simple, affordable and time-efficient HR tools for all levels of people leaders in an organization. This does not mean you need an electronic recognition program; however, you should have an electronic human resource information system program (HRIS). The types of programs are very useful to house employee files, performance reviews, requesting time off, compensation information, years of service and so on.

Employees are the first customers of any organization.

In light of the “Great Resignation,” many employees feel undervalued. There is a trend of employees looking for employee-oriented, positive work environments. As a prospective employee looks for this metric, it would be nice for them to see it in a financial statement.

The work they do determines what customers and partners see, so it’s important for you to treat your employees with the value they bring. Employees leading an organization might be able to be replaced physically, but their skill sets and knowledge can’t be. This is because each person hired brings a different set of skills to the table even though the job yields the same set of skills. Your people are your biggest resource and can affect public perception of your brand. For example, as a frequent traveler, I specifically choose Southwest Airlines because of the happy, engaged and efficient employees.

Value your employees and staff, and you can increase your company’s profitability. Companies that provide satisfying pay, benefits, personal time off and perks are on the right track. Take a moment to reference online articles about companies with impressive benefits. These organizations go above and beyond in terms of taking care of their staff.

Instead, treat every employee with respect regardless of their education, personality, gender, age, or cultural background. It’s also important to note that no matter your employee’s position, you must know their name and show them you care. Every employee is essential and works for the best of the organization. Keeping track of all the wonderful things people do throughout the year is great, and covering them all in a performance review is nice, yet it just does not have the same effect on the human psyche.

All of this can have a remarkably detrimental effect on day-to-day business operations. As Marcus says, the three keys to business success in today’s world are people, process and product. All three aspects of your operations need to be in alignment to maximize your long-term profitability. But it’s clear that people come first, because employees are the most important asset of an organization.


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