Treat Your People Like Assets, Not Expenses Invest in Them

Showing enthusiasm and being invested in your role will always be a treasured asset in any workplace. Having a genuine passion for your job can boost personal growth and career advancement. But while it benefits you, it can also heighten the success of the company you work for.

Health insurance, dental plans, sick days, paid vacations, retirement plans, tuition reimbursements and other benefits all add up to a major employer expense. Often, the value of a benefits package can exceed an employee’s salary. Nevertheless, an attractive benefits package may be necessary to attract experienced, high-quality personnel, who in some cases have their choice of jobs. So, in calculating an employee’s value to an employer, these elements combine to create a balance sheet, the bottom line of which reflects this elusive, and, perhaps, somewhat arbitrary value. Below are the principle factors that must be taken into account to determine employee value to the employer.

Employees produce the final product, take care of finances, promote your business, and maintain the records for decision-making. They figure out how to keep making items and selling them to your customers. Have you worked for a manager who treated you like an expense or a problem that needed to be reduced?

  • If you have a good jeweler then it will turn out as ‘asset’ otherwise it is ‘liability’.
  • These employees perform well, resulting in excellent customer reviews and a solid base of customer supporters.
  • Addressing issues is a way for a person to improve — and we know we all have room for improvement.
  • This does mean there would be bias and subjective grading for this intangible asset.
  • Also, if your employees are happy and satisfied, they will perform their jobs well and convey that cheerful feeling to the customers.
  • Purpose may be more felt than measured — but in every case, GGWA winners center theirs around the customer.

Their strategy deliberately links worker engagement to team performance to company purpose to business outcomes. This means their strength, commitment and dedication, and their emotional connection with the organization can’t be judged as assets in monetary value. You can somewhat mitigate this loss of tribal knowledge with an eLearning course. Better yet, get in the habit of having long-standing employees become subject matter experts in eLearning content to retain and share their tribal knowledge. A common mistake companies make is letting long-standing employees leave without working to retain their tribal knowledge.

What’s Your Employee Value?

It’s not just the company’s offer in terms of pay and benefits, but also how they treat their employees. These employees perform well, resulting in excellent customer reviews and a solid base of customer supporters. The paper says intangible assets, including human capital and culture, are now estimated to comprise 52% of a company’s market value on average. It argues that human capital is a key differentiator that can be a company’s greatest asset and make or break the business strategy.

We need to embrace vulnerability and allow people some freedom to make mistakes (within reason, of course). Get premium access to provocative executive-level education, face-to-face networking and business intelligence. Even more importantly, delegating tasks frees up your time to focus on the things that only you can do. Delegate responsibilities that you believe they’re ready to handle. There is a saying ‘To identify good jewel you need to have good jeweler’. If you have a good jeweler then it will turn out as ‘asset’ otherwise it is ‘liability’.

When Marcus met the owner of a California dog grooming and boarding business several years ago, he found several competent employees were on the verge of quitting. They told Marcus they were tired of being criticized for their actions, while their suggestions for improvement were ignored. Later, the owner of the pet business agreed, saying he most enjoyed being with the dogs. Being ethical at work not only benefits you but also your employer, and this is why companies value this trait in their employees. Being honest and following policies and procedures (even when no one’s watching) shows employers that you’re trustworthy and that you have integrity and a strong work ethic. In fact, 82% of executives surveyed by Forrester (PDF) agree that companies benefit from creativity.

  • Both sides make investments in resources to keep the normal harmony of this relationship.
  • The cost of utilities—electricity, gas, and water—are additional major expenses.
  • It requires implementing a strategy of employee development as a means to measure business outcomes.
  • The paper also includes examples of companies that have put these principles into action, from upskilling their workforce to sharing workers to avoid layoffs.
  • How employees are appreciated will spill into their immediate networks and create a ripple effect that promotes your company indirectly.

According to Gallup, they also tend to demonstrate increased productivity and loyalty. Layoffs are often a cold mathematical exercise combined with a biased projection of a future employee’s worth to the business by people with a fixed mindset. Maybe the business model changed, maybe the whole company fails if employee compensation is xero bank transfers too high, maybe not. I have had to lay off staff before, and it is the most difficult task I had to complete as a servant leader and someone who genuinely cares about people. I see layoffs as a company failure that often could have been avoided. Both sides make investments in resources to keep the normal harmony of this relationship.

A winning business model: Why employees are your greatest asset

Watch what the company’s (or even your own company’s) leadership does. In
every interaction, they’re making impressions about your company. Jim Spencer, G1 deputy director, has watched ASSET develop and sees it as a valuable tool now, with a lot of potential for the future. Tahja says they are developing an “ASSET 2.0” to deploy by 2025 that would target mid-careerist levels like GS-12s.

Positive attitude

This results in keeping the organization going, competing with its competitors, and elevating ahead of them all. When it comes to valuing people, actions are more important
than what the company says. Successful leaders of high-performing, engaged employees
make a point to support and develop employees’ skills and motivations. People who are
engaged and thinking critically about how to improve the business are your
organization’s best assets. Research
shows that companies that view employees as valuable assets, and not cost
centers, outperform companies that don’t.

Learn how Insperity can help your business

During the training period, the employee will not be as productive as they will be when the training is completed. Have you often wondered how much you’re worth to your boss or employer? Or, if you’re a business owner leading a team, would you like to know what your employees are worth to you? Challenges such as assignments can stretch your employee’s capabilities and add to their skills.

They are the nurturers of the organization.

When a long-time employee quits or retires, their employer loses the experience and familiarity that this employee brought to the company. In standard accounting principles, assets are defined as things with future economic value. But the fact is, top-notch employees also have future economic value. One critical lesson any leader learned in 2020, and one target that should exist for all businesses is the importance of recognizing their employees. Reflecting on the last year, if you are still in business, if you are still employed or if you are still able to employ others, gratitude is in order.

That’s a financial benefit that businesses can’t get any other way, and it’s the way to outperform your competition. Because engagement is linked to greater productivity, retention and sales — even safety — those GGWA winners’ employees are genuine assets. Those companies created assets out of employees by very intentionally linking employee engagement to business outcomes. That’s according to Gallup’s employee engagement metric, which can be used as a yardstick of human asset efficiency. And the U.S. average is comparatively positive — only 15% of the world’s workers are engaged and reaching their full potential at work.

If they don’t correctly perform their responsibilities, the company will suffer. In a research conducted by Gallup, disengaged employees cost organizations 450 to 550 billion dollars in lost productivity every year due to poor performance and absenteeism. These employees usually don’t take responsibility for their poor attitude or behavior, work, and organizational productivity. In accounting terms, assets are company resources which have future economic value. Instead of seeing employees as a problem, these leaders see them as a valuable resource. They know that people have the capability to grow sales, satisfy customers, improve processes, innovate products, and do countless other things that add money to both the top and bottom line.

Investment advisory firm Ocean Tomo estimates that in 1975, the value in the S&P 500 firms comprised more than 80% of tangible assets – like land, plant, and machinery. In 2010, approximately 80% of the S&P500 market value was allocated to intangible assets. However, there still lies a gap in today’s accounting systems and financial reporting, as they use 20th-century definitions.

Employee turnover is costly in terms of valuable resources, but it can also affect morale in both current employees and clients. Employees may begin to question the quality of the workplace environment, as well as their own prospects for employment longevity. When clients see new faces too often, they may lose that personal connection with your staff and, naturally, may come to wonder why your company cannot seem to retain its employees.


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