Preparing Your House For Sale

Preparing Your House For Sale By Fahim Moledina

When it comes to selling house, the issue of prime importance is house appeal. Its design, architecture and all the other methods that will increase your house’s resale value as soon as it’s on the market list. 

So, are you all set to sell your house? Are you not fully aware with what tactics you can sell it? Well hurdle no more because Fahim Ekbal Moledina walks you through the steps to prepare your house for sale.

Declutter Your House

Set your house furniture in ways that give it a more spacious look. List down all the items that you may think covers more space, like your old shoes and coat rack, which usually are lined in the hallway passage. It is vitally important to keep it clear as it is the entryway to your home.  You may also consider renting some house items until you move out.

First Impressions Are Important

Someone looking to buy a house would hold lots of residents in their mind to final purchasing it. Make your house the most class apart among all the houses by tidying up your house’s garden area or driveway. Clean all the windows and give a gorgeous front look to your house.

Fix All the Necessary Requirements 

Small repairs are often neglected even when we see them every day. Potential buyers tend to search for a place that looks more eye-pleasing. When buyers inspect your property, they should not find your place worn out.  You can start, by making your house more appealing, by fixing all the necessary parts of the house that may undermine your house’s sale value.

Repaint the Walls

Dark color-themed walls could be a turn-off for many of the buyers. As much as you love those red wine color walls in your living room, you could think of some neutral colors such as off-white or tans that will make the house look more enhanced and vibrant.  

Make Your Garden More Appealing

Garden areas hold much more value than ever for the buyers. They tend to look for a space where they can enjoy the early morning breeze with a cup of coffee and for the kids to play in the fresh air. Maintaining your garden by cutting and weeding the grass, adding small decorative items, planting some flower pots on your porch will surely put your house’s sale value to double.

Additional Customizations That Will Upgrade Your House Value

If you are thinking of moving within a couple of months, there could be many ways to consider upgrading your house’s selling value in the community. Fahim Moledina explains some of the essentials you could plan for your house

Home Appliances

Upgrading the long-term appliances is a wise investment for your home, especially in the kitchen. It is not only the huge selling point for your house but also gives a more stylish and professional look which will surely catch more eyes than you would have ever expected.

Double Glazing the Windows

Double glazed windows are a better option than the old traditional windows when you are considering putting your house for sale. It is way more energy efficient and keeps the noises out. Easy to clean and keep its maintenance. But before installing double-glazed windows, make sure your building is not old enough to withstand the heavy load of reconstruction.

Central Heating System

Be sure to fill up gas and install a heating system in your house, which could add a double purchase value to your home. 

Depersonalize Your Home

It is often very crucial to let go of a place where you have spent your most beautiful time, and thus it is even harder to remove your stamp over it. When selling your house, your main aimshould be the buyer and all this affection towards your place. Give your place a neutral look by removing all your family photographs, your attachments like some religious symbol, certificates, or your collections of DVDs. The least you would want your buyer to feel like an intruder when entering your house or to get offensive by your living style. 


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