Fahim Moledina Discusses Project Management’s Future Trends

Fahim Moledina Discusses Project Management's Future Trends

Professional in project management Fahim Moledina compares the sector to where it is now by going back ten years. From fewer approaches, lower divisions, and initiatives to larger teams, more complex tools, and much more difficult to manage projects.

Fahim Moledina also makes the point that, in comparison to prior techniques, the project management business has undergone a significant transformation with the help of contemporary technologies and trends. Like the proverb says, “Change is constant.” According to him, these tendencies might not even slow down in the upcoming years.

Agile Methodology

Incorporating Agile techniques is a novel project management strategy. The Agile technique is not sequential; therefore, stages are not required, in contrast to the waterfall approach in which everything was necessary to be finished step-by-step.

Instruments and programs that incorporate. These days, using agile approaches is essential for project management. Workflow and project results are impacted by an agile strategy. Workflow and project results are impacted by an agile strategy. Any time a fault or error is discovered, the likelihood of the project being completed successfully increases.

Machine intelligence

Project management is just one of the various industries that Artificial Intelligence (AI) has touched. The efficient use of AI programs has completely changed how task is carried out. An AI engine may examine the project requirements and offer a thorough status report.

Another benefit of AI is that it offers suggestions for improvement. It assists in eliminating risks to the project’s successful execution and offers lessons to be used for new initiatives.

Accentuate data analytics

As project management entails engaging with such a large amount of data, predictive modeling must be used by project managers for success factors and corporate growth.

The emphasis on data analytics is a movement that has significantly impacted project management, whether it be in terms of quality control or risk assessment.

Final Thoughts

Expert consultant, project manager, and change manager Fahim Moledina. It would be advisable to get in touch with a specialist like him if you need professional assistance with project management. Consult a specialist in the area you are interested in, and you cannot go wrong.


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