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  • Night sweats and alcohol: Causes and treatment

    This symptom of withdrawal, along with most others, is temporary. People should speak with a doctor to discuss any concerns about their risk of experiencing night sweats. A person should speak with a doctor if these symptoms do not improve. Although anyone can lack this gene, it is more common for people from East Asia […]

  • Vitamins Needed for Recovery From Long-Term Alcohol Abuse

    This finding is counterintuitive, and the reasons for it are not entirely clear. The brains of people with shorter drinking histories may be more resilient physically or may better carry out neurophysiological adjustments. Or, up to a certain number of drinking years, alcoholics may be able to learn to compensate for underlying neurological damage to […]

  • The Best Gifts for Someone in Recovery Sober Gifts

    Reaching sobriety and maintaining it is an incredible accomplishment and should be treated as such. If a friend or family member is maintaining sobriety from substances they formerly used, getting them a gift as a way to mark the occasion can be a great idea. Staying sober is just one step in the long process […]