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  • Fahim Moledina Discusses Project Management’s Future Trends

    Fahim Moledina Discusses Project Management's Future Trends

    Professional in project management Fahim Moledina compares the sector to where it is now by going back ten years. From fewer approaches, lower divisions, and initiatives to larger teams, more complex tools, and much more difficult to manage projects. Fahim Moledina also makes the point that, in comparison to prior techniques, the project management business […]

  • Business Consultants’ Roles in Organizations – Fahim Ekbal Moledina

    Business Consultants' Roles in Organizations - Fahim Ekbal Moledina

    The business consultant of any firm plays a vital role in driving successful change in the organization all over the world. Not only do they support the specific ability and solution development and, in most cases, project management, but they sometimes also work as vital players to change management activities that therefore support the implementation […]